There are several  reasons why you should consider learning Turkish.

Cultural Exploration

Turkish is spoken by approximately 80 million people, primarily in Turkey, but also in Cyprus and in many communities of Turkish speakers around the world. By learning Turkish you gain access to a rich and diverse culture, which includes literature, music, art and history. Being able to connect with the traditions, customs and values of Turkish society opens up new avenues for exploration and understanding.

Communication Opportunities

Learning Turkish provides you with the ability to communicate with native Turkish speakers. It allows you to engage in real conversations, build relationships and foster cross-cultural understanding. Whether you’re planning to travel to Turkey for leisure or business purposes, knowing the local language can enhance your experience and make interactions far more enjoyable.

Professional Advantages

Turkey an attractive destination for business opportunities. Knowledge of Turkish can be a valuable asset for those interested in pursuing careers in areas such as international business, tourism or diplomacy.  Being able to speak Turkish demonstrates your commitment to cross-cultural communication.

Travel and Tourism

Turkey is a remarkable travel destination. It is known for its stunning landscapes, historical sites and vibrant cities. By learning Turkish you can navigate through local markets, order traditional dishes, negotiate prices and connect more deeply with the local population. Your travel experience will be enriched and as you will be able to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of the country.

Linguistic Insights

Turkish belongs to the Turkic language family. It has a distinct structure and grammar. Learning Turkish can expand your understanding of language diversity and offer insights into linguistic concepts such as vowel harmony and word formation. A knowledge of Turkish helps you develop new perspectives on language and communication.

For more information about the Turkish language and word formation, please watch our video.

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