Our Turkish Language Certificates and Digital Badges

Certificates are an efficient and reliable way to prove and showcase your learning achievements.

Hands on Turkish offers digital and print (pdf) Turkish Language Certificates as part of the subscription:

  • First Steps in Turkish Certificate of Participation
    (Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference and Level 4 of the EQF).
  • Hands On Turkish Certificate of Completion
    (Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference and Level 4 of the EQF).

On completion of the First Steps Turkish test and after completing the full Turkish course, you will have the opportunity to download a certificate as a PDF, which can be printed out. The Turkish Language Certificate will contain your name, the name of the course and the date.

At the same time, a digital certificate will be uploaded into your My Turkish account on the My Turkish page.

How do I share a digital certificate?

There are different ways to share the digital certificate.

The digital certificate contains a URL, which can be added easily to your online CVs and networking profiles (such as LinkedIn, etc) and can be made visible to colleagues, educators and potential employers.

The digital certificate itself can be downloaded and displayed.


Can I trust the digital certificate from Hands on Turkish?

Digital certificates need to be secure, accurate, verifiable, linked to the correct user and have all the relevant information regarding their value. The digital certificates from Hands on Turkish are validated by Pendragon Educational Publishers Ltd, UK (Company No. 7943554).

The Hands on Turkish digital certification is transparent and uses technology to improve a well-established system of certification. Should a potential employer, for example, wish to verify the achievement of a particular individual or find out more about a particular course an individual has undertaken, he or she can follow the link on the LinkedIn profile and immediately view and verify the unique URL which contains the certificate, criteria, grades and achievements.

The online profile remains anonymous, but the identity can be verified by entering the holder’s email address. This means that the anonymity of an individual cannot be abused by someone else.