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Discover the Turkish language and Turkish culture. Whether you’re a beginner learning Turkish or you want to improve your existing skills, turkishonline.eu has the resources and tools you need to succeed. Sign up today to start your journey to becoming a confident Turkish speaker.

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Our comprehensive and user-friendly online language courses are designed to help you to understand and speak Turkish confidently in common everyday situations. 

Start with First Steps Turkish, a short introduction to Turkish. Level A1. Take the test.

Then study Hands on Turkish, which takes you to Level A2. Get a Certificate of Completion.

Turkish online course for beginners

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With a special focus on speaking, listening and pronunciation practice, turkishonline.eu has the resources you need to succeed.
Our mission is to help you understand and appreciate the unique culture of Turkey, while giving you the tools to learn and speak Turkish with confidence.

  • Carefully structured interactive lessons
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Clear guidance through the learning content
  • Engaging exercises
  • Practise Turkish vocabulary
  • Study Turkish grammar

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Get a Turkish language certificate.

Learn Turkish with our online Turkish language course for beginners and get recognition for your learning.

An online Turkish language test with a digital certificate is available for First Steps Turkish as part of the subscription.

A Certificate of Completion is available on completion of the full main Turkish course.


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Who is turkishonline.eu for?

• You want to visit this beautiful country but be more than a simple tourist. With turkishonline.eu you can make your next trip to Turkey a memorable experience.

• Or perhaps you want to expand your professional opportunities and personal goals by learning a new language? With turkishonline.eu you can learn about doing business in Turkey and find tips on business etiquette.

• Are you looking to rediscover your Turkish roots? We help individuals with Turkish heritage connect with their families, culture and language. TurkishOnline.Eu will give you the ability to communicate with Turkish-speaking family and friends


New to Turkish? Watch this introduction to the Turkish language.

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