Here are some useful Turkish phrases for greetings you might find useful when travelling in Turkey.

Turkish greetings

Günaydın  –   Good morning

Merhaba / Selam  –  Hello

İyi akşamlar –   Good evening

İyi günler –  Good day


Asking how someone is

Nasılsınız?  –  How are you? (formal)

Nasılsın? –  How are you? (informal)

Hoşça kal  – Goodbye (informal)

Hoşça kalın  – Goodbye (formal)

İyi geceler   –  Good night  


Saying /Goodbye

Güle güle –  Goodbye (Spoken by the host, who stays in the location)

Allahaısmarladık   – Goodbye (Spoken by the guest, who leaves the location)

Görüşmek üzere.  – See you later. / See you soon.

İyi yolculuklar.  –  Have a good journey.

Yolunuz açık olsun. – Have a good trip.

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