To change a verb to indicate ability or inability, add –ebil or –eme respectively before the tense ending. The –i in -ebil does not change in accordance with vowel harmony, so all additional elements harmonise on –i. However, –eme can become –ama in accordance with the rules of vowel harmony.

Yaptım. – I did it.

Yapabildim. – I was able to do it.

Yapamadım. – I was unable to do it.

Dans ediyoruz. – We are dancing.

Dans edebiliriz. – We can dance/we are able to dance.

Dans edemiyoruz. – We cannot dance/we don’t know how to dance.

Varacak. – He/she/it will arrive.

Saat ikiye kadar varabilecek. – He/she/it may/will be able to arrive by two o’clock.


These elements are added after other sentence elements such as passives and causatives:

Seni öldürebilirdim! – I could have killed you!

Kabul edilemeyecek. – It will not be able to be accepted.


In the negative for the “wide” simple tense, –eme simply takes the place of –me.

Seçmez. – He/she does not choose/elect.

Seçemez. – He/she cannot choose/elect.

Seçilmez. – He/she will not be elected.

Seçilemez. – He/she cannot be elected.

Seçilir. – He/she will be elected.

Seçilebilir. – He/she could be elected.

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