Turkish Proverbs relating to Animals, Nature and Living


• It is from the head that the fish first stinks.


• The planting of a tree is worth the prayers of a whole year.


• The key to paradise is patience.


• An onion offered in love is worth a sheep.


• Falcons with falcons, goose with goose and bald hen with lame cock.


• What is grass to the lion is flesh to the horse.


• What drowning man would not cling to the tail of a serpent.


• If you accept the wolf’s invitation take a dog.


• Cropping a donkey’s ears will not produce a stallion.


• No caravan stops for the bark of a dog.


• Even is guilt were made of sable no one would choose to wear it.


• Anyone can climb on the back of a small horse.


• Ears grow first but horns grow longest.


• There are no sweet onions, and there are no white pigs.


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