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Learn the language – Find out about Turkish customs and etiquette.

Learn Turkish online.

Learn Turkish online with our online Turkish course for beginners. Discover the Turkish language and Turkish culture. Master the skills of speaking and understanding Turkish in common everyday situations.

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of Turkish

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Speak and understand Turkish.

Gain the necessary skills to communicate effectively in Turkish.

The course leads to Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international benchmark for measuring language learning.

Start with First Steps Turkish, a short introduction to Turkish. Level A1. Take the test.

Then study Hands on Turkish, which takes you to Level A2. Get a Certificate of Completion.

Turkish online course

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Learn Turkish with confidence

  Turkish for beginners to intermediate levels

  Practise Turkish vocabulary.

  Study Turkish grammar.

  Discover Turkish culture and business etiquette.


Key features

  Designed for self-study.

√  Easy to use. Step by step instructions and guidance

  Speaking and pronunciation practice online

Activities to practise until you are confident

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Learn Turkish. Take a test. Get a certificate.

Learn Turkish with our online Turkish language course for beginners and get recognition for your learning.

An online Turkish language test with a digital certificate is available for First Steps Turkish as part of the subscription.

A Certificate of Completion is available on completion of the full main Turkish course.


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Learn the Turkish language.
Discover Turkish culture.

Too many online language courses focus on words, sentences and grammar. Our Turkish language course treats Turkish as more than just words. There is a large focus on intercultural understanding and the importance of Turkish culture when learning the Turkish language.

Personal relationships in Turkey are very important. Turks will appreciate and respect anybody who has taken the trouble to learn some basic Turkish.

With Turkishonline.Eu you learn the Turkish language in the context of Turkish culture.

New to Turkish? Watch this introduction to the Turkish language.

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